Can you custom make different designs from those advertised?

Yes - depending on what you have in mind, we will work with you to create what you have envisioned.

Can I have a collar like the one in a particular photo?

No two collars are the same as they are made from offcuts and discarded belts. We do our absolute best to find a colour that you will love.

How do I choose an appropriate size?

Our sizing guide on the ordering page has details on how to measure your dogs neck where the collar sits.

I am waiting for my puppy to finish growing, can you add a few extra holes?

Yes, usually after 5-6 months of age we can make the collar with room to grow and even add a keeper if need be.

Where do you find your belts?

All of our belts are sourced from charitable opportunity shops such as Salvos Stores, Vinnies, Save the Children, RSPCA Op Shops, St Augustines etc. This ensures that we are adhering to our values by reducing waste and supporting our community in the process. 

Can I send you a belt to make my collar?

It's tricky to spot good quality leather, if you think you've found something special feel free to email us with a photo.

How long will my collar and/or lead take to make?

Depending on workload at the time, usually 1-2 weeks if the colour you want is in stock.


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