Caniche (po͞od′l). A breed of dog developed in Europe to retrieve game from the water, having a thick curly coat that is often clipped, and classified by size into standard, miniature, and toy varieties.

Caniche & Co was inspired by a passion for quality handmade products, raising awareness about our impact on the planet, and of course our beloved dogs Rosie and Jax for whom the venture is named.
All of our sustainable dog collars and leads are made to order from recycled leather offcuts and donated leather belts. Belts are sourced from charitable opportunity shops helping to support local communities and families in need.
Creator Gemma Garrity has fond childhood memories of countless hours spent in her grandmother's sewing room and library. Precious time learning to sew, reading ancient history and pouring over travel documents and photos. This is where her appreciation of history and traditional crafts was born.
This, coupled with her background in equestrian and intimate knowledge of leather saddlery has enabled Gemma to create a product that will not only look beautiful, but will also stand the test of time.
Leather is such a wonderful natural material that has been used for thousands of years for survival, but it would be against our better judgment to purchase large runs of new hides in this day and age of wastage. And so by thrifting quality secondhand belts and using offcuts, we are reducing our impact and hopefully in the process, raising awareness for the fantastic seconds market that can be of benefit to all.
A portion of Caniche & Co sales will be donated to some fantastic animal and wildlife charities who do incredible work right here in Victoria, and also 'Prince Fluffy Karem', a heartbreakingly amazing organisation in Egypt that cares for injured and neglected pyramid horses.


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